We're An Agile Team

We are a team of agile software engineers and technical program managers.

  • Agile Software Development
  • Data analysis & data migration
  • Disparate System Integration
  • Technical Program Management
  • Strategic Planning & System Selection

Our services

Discover, design, construct, release, ask questions then repeat. On this agile foundation we design and develop data-driven web systems and software, provide technical program management, business systems integration, vendor selection and strategic planning.

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Discovery & Epic Story

We start our agile development cycle with discovery and user stories which creates our product backlog.

Agile Development

We user an interative approach using regular releases and demos to incorporate feedback and meet the project schedule.

Technical Program Management

Using the agile framework and system thinking, we help business address the crucial challenges of providing superior quality and the rapid time-to-market.

Agile Process

We help business create and manage their agile and scrum processes to ensure the ART stays on track!

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