Who We Are

Cirkadia is a software development company in Boise, Idaho. We provide custom software, web and app development using Agile methodologies.

  • Capture requirements as succinct business oriented statements of task or goal scenarios
  • Drive an iterative build plan from a requirements matrix of priorities, effort and impact
  • Design using a “goldilocks” approach with pragmatic use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling
  • Drill down into areas of unknown - “know what you don’t know”
  • Reduce the lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by soft coding and extensible design
  • Increase robustness and streamline testing by encapsulating and reusing code for common operations
  • Use tools and automation to increase efficiency and consistency
  • Develop and test in a tight side-by-side cycle, avoiding steeply increasing bug fixing effort with elapsed time
  • Minimize rework - get early feedback from customers and internal reviews

Why Cirkadia

  • Track record of delivering high visibility workflow and robust systems – containing sensitive data
  • Small cross-functional team with deeply established synergies and a considerable depth and breadth of experience
  • Short agile development iterations allow us to be responsive and adaptable to change
  • Extensive experience in migrating data from disparate legacy systems
  • Good lifetime TCO from soft coding, extensible design, tight code/test cycles
  • Proven longevity and flexibility of solutions we develop
  • 12+ years of consistent and responsive service to clients

Advice or support on an existing project? We offer pay-as-you-go consulting services.

Bringing a wide business background and in-depth requirements gathering and analysis experience to bear on the problem early in the process.

Cirkadia is expert at the vital strategic planning process. Our careful project and application planning fosters a maximum return on investment.

The Team

We're a small cross-functional team with deeply established synergies and a considerable depth and breadth of experience – making us a highly productive and responsive unit. We're joined by dedicated professionals, as necessary, to support the project ebb and flow.

We practice Extreme Programming. Scrum, Lean Development. Feature-Driven Development. Agile Development.

    Joe Nachilo

    / Software Engineering

    Joe is a talented software architect, designer and developer. Coming from a scientific and mathematical background (the geek) he loves to wrangle interesting problems.

    Audrey Nachilo

    / Scrum Master | Software Development Manager

    Audrey is a seasoned blend of technical, financial and business skills. A natural servant-leader, lover of all things Agile; promotes and coaches self-organizing and accountable teams to achieve product success through a communicative and collaborative environment.